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If you are considering having weight loss surgery and searching for the best bariatric surgeons in Turkey, you are in the right place. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hasan Erdem is one of the best bariatric surgeons in İstanbul, Turkey. He has been performing surgeries in the field of general surgery for 20 years. 

Dr. HE Obesity Clinic
Highly specialized medical professionals with 20 years of professional experience.
Dr. HE Obesity Clinic

Obesity Surgeries in Istanbul, Turkey

There are a variety of obesity clinics for patients from abroad, and choosing the best clinic in Turkey for gastric sleeve is very significant. Patients should consider the obesity surgeon’s experience, services that are provided from the obesity clinic, and Dr. HE Obesity Clinic, the one of the best clinics for gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey, offers you the best gastric sleeve experience.

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Many patients from abroad are looking for the best gastric sleeve surgeon in Turkey because the cost of gastric sleeve in Turkey is more affordable compared to other countries. Besides, gastric sleeve surgeons in Turkey are very successful in their field and Dr. Hasan Erdem is one of the best gastric sleeve surgeons in Turkey.

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Gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey is one of the well-performing surgeries. Patients from abroad can easily find hospitals for bariatric surgeries. Surely, they want to find the best hospital in Turkey for gastric sleeve, and Dr. HE Obesity Clinic is one of the best options for them. We offer you the best experience at affordable prices.

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