Dr Hasan Erdem

Will I be quarantined for 14 days once I arrive to Turkey for my surgery?

Every patient will be tested for COVID-19 during the passport control once they arrive in Turkey. If the results are negative, there will be no quarantine period. You may go through with the surgery with ease.

I wasn’t able to be tested for COVID-19 in my home country. Will I come across any problems in entering Turkey?

All incoming passengers to Turkey will be subjected to a COVID-19 test, regardless of taking previous tests or not. You will be quarantined in your surgery hospital for a maximum of 24 hours until the results are issued.

What happens if I test positive for COVID-19 in Turkey?

If you happen to be tested positive, your COVID-19 treatment will begin immediately in the hospital you have been isolated in.

Will there be any changes in the duration of stay, package contents or surgery prices during this period?

There will be no changes in the treatment duration or package rates; however, all accommodation will be in our partner hospitals for your safety during this period.

If I test negative for COVID-19, can I stay in Turkey after my obesity treatment until my visa expires?

Yes, you will be able to stay in Turkey until your visa expires.

Will there be any changes in the operating hours?

There will be no changes in our operating hours in the new phase. However, all appointments will be scheduled in a way that enables Social distancing.

Will all treatment functions continue operating?

Yes, all functions necessary in obesity treatment will be fully operational.

Will you carry out check-ups only, or will the surgical & non-surgical obesity treatments continue?

All surgical & non-surgical obesity treatments will continue with the necessary sterilization precautions underway.

Do you still do online consultations?

If you are unable to arrive at our clinic, you may do an online consultation with our doctors. However, if you require a detailed analysis; our doctors will be needing to do an in-person check-up.

Do bariatric surgeries really work?

With the latest technological advances in the medical field; bariatric surgeries have proven to be very effective for patients with body measurement index values above 35, who have side diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, sleep apnea or joint problems alongside obesity.

Patients experience a positive and healthy transformation when they comply to the advices of their doctors and dietitians.

Are there age restrictions for bariatric surgeries?

These operations can be performed to any patient between 18 and 65 years-old who are eligible according to surgical requirements.

How long do bariatric surgeries take to perform?


Gastric Sleeve surgeries take 1 hour,

Gastric Bypass surgeries take 2 hours,

Non-surgical weight-loss treatments such as Intragastric Balloon and Stomach Botox take 30 minutes to perform.

Is it safe to have an obesity treatment surgery in Turkey?

Turkey is a destination where the latest medical trends are followed among modern hospitals and clinics. The health tourism industry has been on the rise and preferred by tourists in the last decade. As a clinic, we practice personal patient care, have an elite doctor selection and experienced staff. We uphold the state-of-the-art technology equipment and medical facilities. We have changed the life of around 5 thousand patients for the better as of now, and we continue to help patients from all around the world obtain a healthier life.

What kind of changes should I be expecting for after the operation?

You will be relieved of many illnesses caused by obesity shortly after the operation. Upon 1-1.5 years after reaching your ideal weight, you will enjoy a healthy lifestyle with a high self-esteem and be capable to perform any physical activity.

How long is the recovery period following weight-loss surgeries?

Patients are capable to tend to their own needs about 5 hours following the surgery. They stay in the hospital for the proceeding 3 days and leave on the fourth day after their post-op check-ups.

What type of equipment do you use in bariatric surgeries?

We follow the latest medical trends and use Covidien products in all operations to ensure providing the best service for our patients.

Can my family members or friends accompany me when I travel to Turkey for my surgery?

Our treatment packages are designed to include 1 companion without any additional charges; however, any other companions will cause an additional fee. You may consult our patient representatives for detailed information.

I have decided to proceed with the surgery. How should I plan my flight ticket?

When planning your trip, it’s necessary to pick a suitable time for both the patient and clinic. Your date of operation will be arranged according to your flight schedule. To prevent any problems in organization, our patient consultants will be in touch with you during this process.

What will happen if it’s determined that I’m not eligible for surgery during the pre-operational examinations?

In the unlikely scenario in which your pre-op test findings cause the cancellation of your operation, you will be reimbursed the full amount of the operation cost. You will only be charged for the medical examinations.

Do I need to take additional vitamins or supplements after the operation?

Our patients can take vitamins and mineral supplements especially for the first 6 months following the operation. This depends on the blood tests the patients periodically take and send to our team. Upon analyzing the results, our doctors will advise taking the necessary vitamins or minerals if they find any deficits in your metabolism.

Will I regain my lost weight after the operation?

Patients lose 65 – 80% of their excessive weight and reach their ideal form between the 12th and 18th month following the surgery. It’s crucial that the patients adopt a healthy diet during their weight-loss period. If they revert to their former eating habits; they will risk regaining weight.

I live overseas. How do I communicate with you after the operation?

We always keep in touch with our international patients. We provide 24/7 service through the online aftercare groups we form for them. Our patients can always send their periodical examinations or ask questions concerning their medical condition via online channels.

Are there any medical tests I have to do prior to arriving to Turkey for my operation?

You will be discussing your eligibility for the operation with your patient representative before setting the date of your surgery. If you have serious health conditions such as heart or lung problems, our doctors may require some examinations to assess your situation.

When can I reach my ideal weight after the surgery?

You will reach your ideal weight between the 12th and 18th months after your surgery. This process may vary according to your compliance to the advices given by your doctor and dietitian.