Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey

Gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey is safe and  one of the most popular bariatric surgeries because it decreases the risk of obesity-related health problems such as heart disease, infertility, cancer, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure while making you lose weight. The requirement for this surgery is having a 40 or more body mass index (BMI). This surgery is also known as sleeve gastrectomy.

After deciding to have gastric sleeve surgery, people search where to have gastric sleeve surgery. We sincerely say that Turkey is the best option for them because prices are affordable, and you can find easily the best clinic to get the best gastric sleeve results. 

Cost of a gastric sleeve in Turkey is 4000 USD (approximately 3500 EURO) which is a cheap option compared to abroad. 

You can discover getting gastric sleeve surgery in Istanbul, Turkey in this blog. Besides, you can find out our clinics’ patients’ reviews, gastric sleeve before and after photos from the best doctors in Turkey, gastric sleeve cost Turkey with price comparison in different countries plus, and all-inclusive gastric sleeve surgery Turkey packages in this blog.

Treatment details

Eligibility: +35 BMI
Processing time: 1 hour
Surgical procedure: Yes
Stitch: Dissolvable
Anesthesia type: General
Incision: 5
Hospital Accreditation: ISO
Recovery time: 7 days
Accommodation: 7 days

Who Is Eligible For Gastric Sleeve Surgery ?

Gastric sleeve surgery is often an appropriate treatment method for individuals whose body mass ratio is too high or who are at risk of a longer procedure such as gastric bypass due to conditions such as heart or lung problems. In other circumstances, both surgeries are carried out in stages.

And about 12 to 18 months after sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass surgery can be used as the second step. This process also includes reducing the size of the small intestine. Due to the significant weight loss of the patient during this period, the risk of complications from the operation is greatly reduced, and the possibility of scar tissue formation is also reduced due to the reduction in liver size.

Gastric sleeve surgery candidates: 

Below we list what is curious about gastric sleeve surgery, the most popular obesity surgery in the world. And here’re the Gastric sleeve surgery qualifications:

  • Gastric sleeve surgery is performed for people aged 18-65 years. In order for a person to be a suitable candidate for stomach surgery, the body mass index (BMI) values determined by the World Health Organization must be 35 and above.
  • The entire procedure is performed by laparoscopic. 
  • Patients typically lose about 70-80% of their excess weight within 12-18 months.
  • Associated conditions such as high blood pressure and sleep apnea usually improve quickly.
  • The preparation process for surgery and possible complications are always specific to the patient.
  • What needs to be done before and after surgery, is you’re eating and exercise habits need to be completely reorganized.
  • Gastric sleeve surgery is performed with very small incisions by entering the abdomen. These incisions are millimeter.
  • Because the operation is performed by a closed method, only very small incision scars remain in the abdominal area. These lines become completely invisible within a few months.

How is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Performed ?

Dr. Hasan Erdem during the operation in Istanbul

Dr. Hasan Erdem during the operation in Istanbul

To perform an entire laparoscopically Gastric sleeve surgery, which is referred to as “closed” surgery or LSG, will require general anesthesia in a hospital, And your surgeon will make roughly five small cuts in your abdomen.

the surgeon then will do the procedure using a thin, long, telescope with a tiny camera at the end. Instruments pushed through the incisions will be used to remove about 80% of your stomach. and experienced laparoscopic surgeons can perform many procedures laparoscopically, just as in open surgery.

The abdomen is inflated by introducing carbon dioxide gas into abdomen. Then, a special tool called a trocar is used to enter the inside of the abdomen. First, placing a silicone tube from the mouth to the stomach outlet to adjust the remaining stomach width. It is separated from the adipose tissue surrounding the stomach, vessels, and the adjacent spleen. Then, the excess part of the stomach is cut and separated with special devices called staples. There is still a stomach volume of about 80-150 ml.

This separated part is taken out of the abdomen and sent to pathology. Then, bleeding is controlled in the cut and stapled part. Additional metal clips can be used for this, or additional stitches can be placed if needed. 

In addition, if necessary, some specific medications can be applied to the wound site to stop bleeding. Then, a silicone drain is put in the surgical area to drain the accumulated fluids. The wound is aesthetically closed, and the procedure is completed.

How long does gastric sleeve surgery take?

Surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Gastric Sleeve surgery takes an average of 1.5 hours. As the exit and entrance part of the stomach is protected and continuity in the digestive system is ensured, the risks after tube stomach surgery are low and some undesirable side effects are reported as very few. Gastric sleeve surgery today stands out as the most commonly preferred method of surgical treatment of obesity. As with all other surgeries, stomach reduction surgeries can have negative consequences if they are not performed with a specialist team, under the right conditions, and with the right technique.

What are the differences between laparoscopic and endoscopic gastric sleeve surgery?

Endoscopic gastric sleeve surgery is a method in which a certain part of the stomach is reduced endoscopically, without incision, unlike classical surgery. After the procedure, the patient enters the process of losing weight in a healthy way, and permanent results can be achieved in a short time. At the end of the first year, the average weight loss occurs at a rate of 17-20%. In this way, the desired form is achieved both in terms of aesthetic appearance, and many serious diseases caused by obesity are prevented

However, the Endoscopic gastric sleeve is the process of shrinking the stomach endoscopically, that is, by entering it through the mouth, without incisions.

A Laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery, on the other hand, is a surgical method that helps patients to recover faster and with less discomfort than open surgery.

Laparoscopic surgery is a less intrusive and more comfortable surgical procedure. Patients who undergo procedures using this method recover faster and experience less discomfort during the healing process. Furthermore, laparoscopic surgery reduces the duration of the operation as well as the risk-to-benefit ratio.

What are the Possible Risks of Gastric Sleeve Surgery ?

In gastric sleeve surgery, the common risks involved in each surgical procedure are also effective. The professional team should always be with you before, during and after the operation.

Possible complications specific to this operation are respiratory problems that may occur due to the mobilization of clots formed in the veins of the leg depending on the patient’s weight, especially leaks at the sutures and related abscesses and are seen in 1%. The reason for this reduction is the widespread use of the procedure, the increase in the number of experienced centers and surgeons, and the advancement of the technology used.

Is having a Gastric sleeve in Turkey safe?

Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most serious and difficult operations among obesity surgeries, you should definitely choose the right surgeon and country.

And in Turkey, a gastric sleeve is the most secure solution for you, because :

  • The most experienced surgeons and clinics are available in Turkey.
  • You will also be safe during your procedure stay in Turkey.
  • The tests and analyses performed before surgery will evaluate whether you are a good candidate for the surgery. 
  • Following surgery, you will be evaluated by professionals and given nutritional guidance before returning to your home country.

with this approach, your surgery will be carried out safely and effectively in Turkey.

Gastric sleeve death risk

The risks of these operations in surgical treatment applications are largely related to anxiety-associated factors.

Especially as an overweight person, serious problems after surgery and even if the risk of death can be found in the essentially a reason for negative point of view. 

 Death rates according to general and surgical types were reported: 

  • 0.1% in gastric band-clamp
  • 0.15% in vertical Band Gastroplasty,
  • 0.54% in Gastric Bypass, 
  • 0.8% in Biliopancreatic diversion, 
  • And a  0.25% overall average when all types of surgery were evaluated in general. 

And According to scientific studies, The risks of appendicitis and gallbladder surgery in fat people are slightly higher than in an average person. However, that risk does not mean death. For example, in cardiovascular surgery, the early death rate is about 2 percent, and in obesity surgery, it is 1 thousand. Before tube stomach surgery

Patients are comprehensively informed about these risks by doctors in hospitals performing tube stomach surgery. Obesity surgeries are not aesthetic surgeries! Because the life expectancy of morbidly obese patients is reduced by 10-15 years due to obesity

And The risks associated with obesity are significantly higher than the risks of tube stomach surgery. In morbidly obese people who have Gastric sleeve surgery, the risks associated with other health problems, such as liver lubrication, the risk of developing kidney diseases, sugar, or high blood pressure, are eliminated. 

Therefore, bariatric surgery is both a small risk and a surgery that reduces the risk of other operations.

How many pounds can be lost with gastric sleeve?

In general, After gastric sleeve surgery, most patients become perfectly thin. The weight loss rate is about 70% of excess weight. The majority of weight loss happens in the first year, And the year after, there will still be more weight loss after two years, However, The weight normally remains stable.

For example, for a patient who is 160 cm tall and weighs 124 kg, the ideal upper limit of weight is 64 kg, and the excess weight is 60 kilos. This means that the patient loses 70% of their excess weight, which means that they lose 42 pounds and fall to 82 pounds.

As It is almost impossible not to lose weight after tube stomach surgery. Just as there are patients who are completely reduced to their ideal weight, there may also be patients whose weight loss is insufficient. In follow-up reports of large patient groups, the rate of long-term weight loss is about 85-90%. A small number of patients may experience repeated weight gain over a long period of time. However, The chances of returning to the old weight are 1 %.

Gastric sleeve surgery, like all obesity operations, does not promise a specific weight loss value. A closed gastric sleeve operation substantially reduces Appetite, limiting the amount of food that may be eaten during a meal.

Patients who begin to thin immediately see a good shift in their mindset. When the circle of restricted daily life, bad diet, and inactivity is broken in a short amount of time. It becomes easy to adopt a healthier way of life. As a result, patients who maintain a regular daily routine following surgery, including a balanced diet and physical activity, achieve better results.

How long do gastric sleeve results last?

In fact, this process depends on the patient’s condition and nutrition program. You start to get the most effective results after the third month after the surgery. But if we evaluate it for a long time, you will get ideal results within 1 year. This period is the average period. If you do not eat in accordance with the nutrition list recommended by the doctor after the surgery, it will take longer to get results from the surgery. You may even get no results. Briefly; you should wait 3 to 6 months to get the most effective results. This is a normal period and the results of the surgery appear gradually. Continue to eat according to your diet list and do not neglect the doctor’s checks.

What are the Advantages of Gastric Sleeve Surgery ?

A laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey can provide advantages such as less pain, a lower risk of infection, faster healing and return to daily activities, extremely small incisions in the skin, and less hospital time.

Additionally advantages, a Gastric sleeve surgery provides: 

  • a weight loss of 40% to 70% on average in a year
  • Stomach function was retained due to no alteration in the stomach input and exit valves during the operation.
  • Because no alterations are done in the small intestine, the potential of low vitamin and mineral shortage can also be counted as an advantage of this procedure.

How Is The Recovery Process After Gastric Sleeve Surgery ?

Patients who have a desk job can return to work within 7-10 days after surgery. as In for patients with heavy work, the restriction lasts until the 3rd week after surgery. Those who return to work after the 7th day should also avoid movements that compress the abdominal wall.

However, It is preferable for the discharged patient to return to his or her normal life as soon as possible. The risk of embolism is reduced by engaging in daily activities. Because of the closed approach, patients can swiftly return to their everyday lives following laparoscopic gastric reduction surgery. Small incisions of roughly half a centimeter are made on the skin during closed surgery operations, and these incisions, which are hidden stitches, heal fully after a week.

The suture of the reduced stomach will heal completely in about ten days. In other words, patients are at risk of leakage for about ten days. For this reason, heavy activities and solid nutrition are not recommended for the first ten days. If a patient undergoing surgery is not working in a heavy work done with muscle power, he can start working after a week.

How Are The Prices of Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Different Countries of the World ?

The cost of sleeve gastrectomy may vary depending on the experience of the surgeon, the quality and number of the material used in the operation, examination costs, and hospital costs. The price of gastric sleeves in private hospitals is naturally higher. Although there are different pricing in many parts of the world, the important thing about this operation is not money, but a healthy result. Of course, even if exchange rate differences and conditions in other countries/regions affect prices, similar pricing may be seen in general.

How much does Gastric Sleeve surgery cost in Turkey ?

The average cost for gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey is  €3.500,00 (all-inclusive package), However, The cost may vary from one clinic to another, and there are a few more factors that can affect your average gastric surgery cost in Turkey. 

But more importantly in many cases, The cost is highly dependent on the patient’s condition, therefore a consultation with an experienced provider is often the best alternative.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery€3.500,00$15.000,00£11.000,00€7.500,00
Gastric Bypass€4.500,00$17.500,00£11.000,00€8.500,00
Gastric Balloon€1990 – €2990$7000 – $12000£3000-£6000€2.500


Gastric Sleeve  Packages in Turkey

Gastric sleeve in Turkey all-inclusive packages include all the expenses below:

  • Preoperative Examinations
  • Examination of Anesthesia Physician
  • Examination of chest Diseases Physician
  • Examination of Cardiology Physician
  • Gastric Sleeve Surgery by Surgeon
  • Latest Technology Operating Room Supplies (Medtronic)
  • General Anesthesia
  • 1 Year Post-Operation Physician control (via WhatsApp)
  • 1 Year Dietician Support after Operation (via WhatsApp)
  • Lifelong Patient Care after Operation (via WhatsApp)
  • Drugs to be used after surgery
  • Supplements to be used after surgery
  • Varicose Vein Stockings
  • Breathing Exercise Device
  • VIP Transfers (SAW Airport-hotel, hotel-hospital, etc.)
  • 3-4 Nights Hotel Accommodation

Location Options in Turkey

# of OperationsHighMediumMedium
# of CertificatesHighMediumMedium
Hospital OptionsHighLowLow
Age of HospitalsYoungerOlderOlder

Gastric Sleeve in Istanbul, Izmir or Antalya

Gastric sleeve is one of the medical treatments that has left its mark on the last period. This process, which many people need, is getting better with changing methods and developing technologies. The most suitable country for you to get this procedure is Turkey. Many cities of Turkey carry out this process. 

A competent team in Antalya, Turkey, offering a safe and economical gastric surgery solution. Due to its location, Antalya is a good place for both a holiday and a hair transplant. Antalya is one of the most visited places in this regard. There are not many clinics available here.

İzmir is a metropolitan city in Turkey. There are many clinics in this city. This opens up a lot of possibilities for the gastric sleeve. Experiences differ from doctor to doctor. But the result is always successful. Every patient leaves here satisfied with their surgery.

Istanbul is bigger than other cities. There are many clinics and specialist doctors here. Therefore, Turkey is one of the most famous cities. Istanbul has become quite popular both with its location and its specialists. All patients have the opportunity to make a touristic trip at the same time while they are being treated.

Gastric Sleeve Cost in Turkey vs UK

If you’re looking for gastric sleeve surgery, but can’t afford the high costs of UK clinics, consider the benefits of getting the procedure in Turkey. While there are significant differences in cost, the cost of standard equipment is about 3.250£ and the quality of care is much higher. While UK surgeons have the same standards of care, they don’t necessarily follow the same ones, and are likely to use inferior equipment and disposable instruments.

Gastric sleeve surgery abroad requires patients to spend four days in hospital after their surgery. Following the operation, patients are required to follow a special diet for the first two to four weeks. Patients are encouraged to avoid solid foods until they’re accustomed to their new stomach. In the UK, patients must wait for at least two years before they can have the procedure. In Turkey, gastric sleeve surgery costs are significantly lower than the UK, and NHS patients can sign up for the procedure on the NHS.

In Turkey, the cost of gastric sleeve surgery is 55% lower than in the UK. Patients can pay in instalments or in cash. Typically, the cost of a gastric sleeve in the UK is 7.995£, but in Turkey, it’s possible to find a gastric sleeve cost of 3.250£, which is considerably lower than the price of the same procedure in a UK private clinic.

Gastric Sleeve in Turkey Before and After Photos

Gastric Sleeve Results

In general, the goal is to help patients lose 10 to 25 kilograms in the first month following sleeve gastrectomy surgery, and while during the third month, the weight loss begins to slow, with a small potential for stomach growth. patients often already lost 30-40 kilos  Around the third month. 

Follow-ups such as how much weight the patient lost at the end of the treatment and the procedure, how much the stomach area and stomach healed, and how long this situation happened (week, month), etc. It is extremely important to monitor the subjects and to enlighten the patient. According to these scales, the patient determines what he or she earns from the process in terms of personal income.

For this reason, these are examined in the control of the hospital and the surgeon and the patients are given the necessary feedback about the process.


Is it safe to have gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey?

Gastric sleeve Turkey is absolutely safe. There are many experienced surgeons and equipped hospitals in Turkey. You can have surgery safely. In addition, prices are much more economical than in other countries. In short, it offers many advantages for patients in every sense. Turkey is the best in this regard.

Can I get finance for gastric sleeve in Turkey?

A special payment plan is prepared for you for gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey. You cannot pay for this surgery in installments. Payment is in advance. Payment is made by credit card or cash. The payment must be completed before the operation. You can use the most convenient payment method for you. If you buy the all-inclusive package, you can pay for accommodation and transportation in this way. Except for the amount specified by the clinic, you do not need to make any additional payments.

Why are we the best clinic for gastric sleeve in Turkey?

If you are looking for the best private clinic for Gastric Sleeve surgery, you are in the right place! Dr. Hasan Erdem is an experienced doctor in gastric sleeve surgery. He has hundreds of successful references. He is the best doctor most preferred by European patients. All of the doctors working in our clinic are experienced doctors in gastric sleeve surgery. We have the best healthcare team in Turkey. We offer you the most successful surgeries in our comfortable clinic at the most affordable prices.

Do you perform Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery in Turkey?

Unfortunately no! At Dr. Hasan Erdem Clinic, we only perform surgeries that we believe are safe. Since this operation is not safe and effective, it is not applied in our clinic. We do not perform any operation that does not provide positive results for our patients in terms of health.

Why is Turkey the cheapest country in Europe for gastric sleeve?

Gastric sleeve, which is one of the most expensive operations among obesity surgeries, is performed at an affordable price in Turkey. Because there are many doctors and clinics who are experts in this field in Turkey. The supply-demand flow is plentiful. If you are planning to come to Turkey from abroad for gastric sleeve surgery, make sure you make the right choice. Turkey is a budget-friendly country in healthcare.

Why Should Noy Trust Gastric Sleeve Surgery Reviews on Forums?

As you may know, the internet is a wealth of knowledge, and nowadays individuals rely on Google or other Search Engines to find the information they require. Even buying a sweeter, we look for the comments of the ones who bought it before.

Nevertheless, in the course of deciding where to go and which clinic to select, it is not advised to search on Google because the comments are generally manipulated by the people who do not know anything about science. Instead of doing so, you should watch the videos of the surgeries which are uploaded by the surgeons.

Can I Get a Gastric Sleeve Turkey?

We say yes to your question, “Can I get a gastric sleeve Turkey?” Because wherever you go in Turkey, you can get this surgery. Among the most serious and challenging obesity operations is gastric sleeve surgery. You must select the appropriate surgeon and circumstances. And also in Turkey, gastric implants are the most secure option because:

  • Turkey has the most qualified surgeons and clinics.
  • You will also be protected during your visit to Turkey.
  • The tests and procedures performed before to surgery will evaluate whether or not you are a suitable candidate for surgery.
  • Before returning back your home country, you will be evaluated by doctors and given nutritional instructions.
  • Your business in Turkey will be safe and efficient if you take this method.

Seems to be the Gastric Sleeve Operation Different in Turkey Than in Other Countries?

In Turkey, gastric sleeve surgery is performed using the same techniques as in the United States and the United Kingdom. The patient’s stomach is reduced as a result of this excellent procedure. As a result, food consumption will be lower than previously.

Endoscopic and laparoscopic procedures are used, with the latter becoming more popular in Turkey. As a result, there will be no large scars, only minor incisions in the abdominal areas.

What Do I Need to Pack for Bariatric Surgery in Turkey?

What do I need to pack of bariatric surgery in Turkey, we will tell you about them in this article. Knowing these will allow you to have a comfortable operation. Because patients see these as very big surgeries, but in fact, it is not like that. Of course, like any surgery, it can have some difficulties and even complications. There are some things you need to have before the surgery so that you do not face them. It is very easy to do this with your own preparations or with the evaluations provided by your hospital doctor. It is normal for the procedure to be different, as the hospital or doctor you see will be different. But here we will talk about the most general.

As your bariatric surgery date approaches, it’s time to start planning for your hospital stay. The excitement of the drive to the hospital and the fear of the surgical process may cause you to overlook everything you need for your hospital stay. Make a point of going over your bariatric surgery hospital checklist a few days ahead of time to ensure you do not forget anything important. You should plan on spending at least two days in the hospital. Most bariatric procedures require only a one day hospital stay; however, some surgical treatments may necessitate two days of hospital monitoring and supervision for a safer recovery.



Gastric Sleeve Surgery Reviews in Turkey

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