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Gastric band surgery was one of the most popular bariatric surgeries. Even other bariatric surgeries becomes more popular, there are a considerable large number of amount people who want to have gastric band surgery. 

Turkey is one of the best countries to get gastric band surgery results because you do not have to pay ten thousand dollars or more for the surgery. It is cheaper than most countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, and Germany. The average cost of a gastric band in Turkey is 5450 USD (approximately 4800 EURO) which is a cheap option compared to abroad. 

You can discover getting gastric band surgery in Istanbul, Turkey in this blog. Besides, you can find out our clinics’ patients’ reviews, the gastric band before and after photos from the best doctors in Turkey, gastric band cost Turkey with price comparison in different countries plus all-inclusive gastric band surgery Turkey packages in this blog.

What is Gastric Band?

It is a method of placing a silicon band around the part of the stomach immediately after the esophagus with open or laparoscopic surgery. It narrows the entrance to the stomach and reduces the volume of eating. A balloon located on the inner side of the tape is connected to another assembly placed under the skin by a pipe. In this way, the volume of the balloon can be increased or decreased with an injector inserted into this assembly at the desired time, thus it is possible to change the opening of the stomach entrance. It is a technique that requires a lifetime of follow-up and adjustment. Both the gastric band itself and the subcutaneous connection assembly can cause many problems, especially infection. Treatment of these problems is quite difficult and risky.

What does a Gastric Band do?

The gastric band is a slimming method applied to obese patients who have not seen results from diet, exercise, and medical approaches. With this method, it is possible to get rid of 50 percent of excess weight in a year. The gastric band is considered suitable for patients who have at least 40 kilograms of excess weight from their ideal weight. The gastric band is one of the types of obesity surgery that is performed in about 1 hour and is easy to use. The purpose of this operation is to compress some of the upper parts of the stomach. With this compression process, the stomach volume decreases, and the appetite section of the stomach is suppressed, making people want to eat less. As a result, people feel full for a much longer time with little food, and a small portion is enough to saturate a person.

How is Gastric Band Performed in Turkey?

Dr. Hasan Erdem during the operation in Istanbul

Dr. Hasan Erdem during the operation in Istanbul

Laparoscopic methods are used in most patients for gastric band. Because surgery is performed through small incisions, most patients can usually return to their daily life in a very short time. This balloon is connected to a port placed under the skin via a thin tube. The Port is made of titanium, coated with silicone on some brand bands, flat and a few cm in diameter in the form of a disk. On the upper face is a membrane that can be entered with a needle. The Band is left down during surgery. After about 1 month, it is gradually inflated with serum injections from the port in the skin. In this way, the size of the stomach passage after surgery can be changed with an intervention as simple as an injection. In Band method, as in other surgical methods, the main basis is to change the patient’s behavioral habits and way of eating. When efforts are made to acquire proper eating habits, stomach clamp can provide serious weight loss without starving, depriving of any food, as in diets, and offer a healthier life by reducing the risks associated with secondary obesity-related diseases.

What are the Advantages of Gastric Band?

A practical and easy procedure, the gastric band procedure has many advantages. Some of the Advantages of Gastric Band are as follows:

  • The passageway of the stomach narrows. A feeling of satiation occurs with a small amount of food.
  • Hormone production, which gives a sense of appetite, falls. Appetite decreases.
  • A balanced diet is possible.
  • Everything is eaten, little is eaten.
  • The natural flow path in the gastrointestinal tract is maintained.
  • The rate of complications and side effects is relatively low.
  • It allows you to lose most of the excess weight in a year or so.
  • The biggest advantage of gastric band surgery is that the anatomy of the stomach is absolutely not impaired. No cuts or stitches are performed in the stomach or intestines. This, in turn, prevents problems such as leakage, bleeding, infection that may occur in the future.

What are the Risks of Gastric Band?

As with any health procedure, there are of course some risks of Gastric Band.

  •  It is not possible to return the stomach to its natural state again.
  • The potential for weakening may decrease in those who are fond of liquid and high-calorie foods, sugary foods
  • Mechanical problems may occur due to the tape Assembly. The incidence at 2% and 6 varies between.
  • There is a possibility that the tube-shaped stomach will expand over time and, accordingly, its weight loss effect will decrease over the years.
  • It is an operation that requires more technological materials than stomach folding surgery.
  • It has been in the last decade that it has become a widely performed surgery. Although the five-year results were quite successful in very large groups of patients, the results of longer-term follow-up were not yet fully clear.
  • This can cause a shot in insulin sensitivity after surgery. As a result, effects such as dizziness, acceleration of heart rate, sweating, tremors, excessive hunger sensation, waking up with headache in the morning may be encountered.

How is the Recovery Period after Gastric Band?

This method is a long-term method. An empty balloon is placed from the mouth into the stomach, providing a feeling of satiety and satiety as much as the volume covered by the balloon in the stomach. In this way, the person’s eating is reduced. The balloon needs to be removed for about 6 months or 1 year. Thanks to this method, it is aimed to lose weight up to 20% in people. This method is used in preparation for basic morbid obesity surgery, either in patients who are too risky to have surgery or in people who are super obese. Following the removal of the balloon, he faces the risk of gaining weight again if he does not adopt a tailor-made meal and physical activity program. Patients are discharged within 1-2 days after surgery. It is usually returned to normal life after 4-5 days after surgery. After surgery, foods in the form of liquids or mash are given for 2 or 3 weeks. Then gradually switch to soft foods. 6 weeks after surgery, it will be possible to switch to normal food. The Band is made of a special rubber. Inside the tape is an inflatable balloon. This balloon allows the band to adjust. Depending on your eating situation more or less, you need to loosen or tighten the band. In the anterior abdominal wall, the port of the gastric band is placed under the skin and connected to the balloon of the band with a catheter. A needle is inserted into the port and filled with serum, tightening the balloon of the tape. As the fluid is drawn, the balloon relaxes.

At the end of the recovery period (average of 6 weeks), the adjustable band is inflated and tightened through the chamber placed under the skin, and thus excess food consumption is prevented due to excessive bloating sensation. After surgery, specialist follow-up continues to control regular and healthy weight loss, the band around the stomach can be adjusted by loosening and tightening according to the body’s needs. This material can remain inside the body without causing problems unless there is a situation that requires the removal of the band. 

How Much are Gastric Bands?

For surgical treatment of obesity, it is a tool that wraps around the stomach in the upper part of the stomach, slightly below the esophagus, and can control the amount of food that will pass into the stomach, inflating when desired. Made from an inflatable silicone material. It makes the patient lose weight using a restrictive method. The price depends on the material quality and the patient’s condition.

How much does a gastric band cost in Turkey?

Surgery Turkey USA UK DE
Gastric Sleeve Surgery € 3.500,00 $15.000,00 £11.000,00 € 7.500,00
Gastric Bypass € 4.500,00 $17.500,00 £11.000,00 € 8.500,00
Gastric Balloon €1990 – €2990 $7000 – $12000 £3000-£6000 € 2.500

Gastric Band Cost in Turkey Vs UK

When it comes to the price of Gastric Bands, Turkey offers an unbeatable deal compared to its English counterpart. The country offers discounted hotel accommodations and free transfers between the airport and the hospital. The country also has highly qualified bariatric surgeons and advanced facilities for various medical procedures. Additionally, Turkey is home to a dedicated international patient department. Additionally, the country boasts a vibrant nightlife and various tourist attractions. In addition to low Gastric Band Cost in Turkey vs UK, the country also offers discounted hotel stays and low cost hotel accommodation.

Compared to other countries, the cost of Gastric Band in Turkey is approximately 70% less than in the UK. Turkey has the same level of medical care and equipment as the UK, but the cost of the procedure is considerably lower. Turkey offers a variety of health care packages for people considering this surgery. For instance, gastric band cost in Turkey can be as low as 4.470£. In the UK, the average cost of the surgery is about 8.000£, while the price of Gastric Band in the UK is around 5.000£.

The procedure is performed by highly trained specialists who specialize in gastric band surgery. Turkey is also more affordable than other countries, thanks to the availability of cost-effective healthcare packages in most major cities. Compared to the UK, Turkey’s price for Gastric Band is lower than the UK’s and the US, and the procedure can be performed by internationally-accredited surgeons. Moreover, Turkey also offers budget-friendly hotels and cheap medical care.

Before and After Pictures

Why Should Noy Trust Gastric Band Surgery Reviews on Forums?

If you have health problems, notably obesity, Gastric Band Surgery may be the ultimate solution for you. Yet, you may have a lot of problems on the subject of deciding where to go and which clinic to select.

Nevertheless, at that point, the worst thing you can do is to rely on what you read on the Google. The main reason for this is the manipulation of the pure reality. Today, when you click on the Turkish forums to read about Gastric Band Surgery, you will see a bunch of unreliable data, written by the people who are not doctor.

Instead, you should simply view the YouTube videos to see with your own eyes.

Gastric Band Reviews & Testimonials in Turkey

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