Dr Hasan Erdem

Body Sculpting in Turkey

You must definitely contemplate body sculpting or coring in Turkish clinics! Body sculpting is an excellent option for those looking to regain one‘s fitness and appearance. However, you may be wondering how Turkey is the ideal place for this procedure. What body sculpting technologies are available? And what are the procedure’s costs, benefits, and risks? Following that, you will receive answers to all of these queries and more!

So, Why Would You Undergo Body Arts in Turkey?

Body sculpting in Turkey is an excellent option for those looking for a less expensive solution to other states and locations. Over the last few decades, Turkey’s health tourism industry has seen remarkable growth.

Cheap prices and excellent services are among the factors that entice individuals to come to the country and perform fat oxidation surgeries, such as body sculpting.

Many Turkish clinics offer body sculpting packages that are as good as those offered in the other European countries, yet at a substantially lower cost.

To summarise, you may want to consider coming to Turkey for body sculpting for said aforementioned purposes:

  • Treatments at a low cost
  • Services of the highest calibre
  • Body sculpting techniques vary, including both surgical and nonsurgical methods.
  • Leg climb, arm lift, back lift, and other body sculpting procedures are available.
  • A chance to discover Turkey’s most popular tourist attractions
  • Culture that is welcoming and warm, with a great deal of safety and security
  • Clinics provide additional services (hospitality, escort, etc.)

What is Body Sculpting, Exactly?

Body shaping or coring aims to reshape your body and tighten your skin by removing fat from specific areas of your body. Nonsurgical techniques including lipolysis, which uses cold, heat, and lasers, can help doctors achieve this goal.

They also can rely on surgical procedures like tummy tucks, tucks, and lifts. Treatment is riskier and needs a longer recovery period, but the results are more visible.

Body sculpting attempts to remodel or reorganise a body part by removing excess fat and skin cells and recontouring the area. However, this doesn’t normally help with weight loss. Instead, it helps in theory and targets specific areas.

Body Sculpting Types

Body sculpting is ideal for individuals who have attained their ideal body weight yet maintain pockets of fat in certain areas. It normally relates to stubborn fat which refuses to disappear despite diet and exercise.

To make things easier, we’ll go over the various types of body sculpting:

  • Body Sculpting Without Surgery

In most cases, semi or nontoxic body sculpting bots and methods require several sessions, but you will look extra toned and muscular after these sessions. As previously stated, lipolysis is the primary semi body shaping technique. It does, however, involve numerous methods and technologies:

  • Cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis is the process of freezing fat cells to kill them and delete those from the body. Fat locks up at a cold temp that is not harmful to the skin. CoolSculpting can significantly decrease body fat in specific areas by 20-25%. The results, however, take time to appear. Massage may help to accelerate the process.

A device is used by doctors to pinpoint fat tissues in areas like the stomach, thighs, and buttocks. The device after which cools these areas, killing the fat cells. Patients may experience pulling, pain, or prickling at the desired target.

  • Laser Fat Removal

Hot air is another way to sculpt the body. This warm air is kind to the skin and won’t damage the internal organs, yet it has the ability to burn stubborn fat.

This procedure should take about thirty minutes altogether, and fat tissue in the area should begin to break down. It may take a maximum of twelve weeks for your lymphatic system to clean out all the dead fat and reduce extra skin in the area. The patient may experience slight pain during the procedure, but this usually goes away once everything is finished. This method is particularly popular for body sculpting in Turkey.

  • Ultrasound Fat Removal

Ultrasound uses incredibly delicate sonic swells and noise and vibration to break fat, permitting the body to flush out the unwanted fat pockets.

UltraShape and Liposonix are both United States food and drug ultrasound fat reduction techniques that can help. However, the side effects of ultrasonic radiofrequency are similar to those of thermal treatment. You may experience some heat and discomfort during body contouring procedure.

Body Sculpting Surgery

Depending on the intended area, doctors can use a variety of methods and techniques to undertake surgical body sculpting. Among these methods are:

  • Tucks and lifts: These procedures can remove excess fat and skin from the stomach, belly, as well as the face. Tummy tucks, breast lifts, facelifts, and the double chin surgery are a few examples.
  • Liposuction: Liposuction is a method for eliminating excess fat from particular parts of the body.