Dr Hasan Erdem

Gastric balloon reviews give an insider’s look at the weight loss process and how the procedure has affected the patients’ lives. The process is only for patients who are seriously overweight with a BMI of 27 or above. The patients must have tried to lose weight through diet and exercise but have failed.

The procedure usually takes around 30 minutes and patients can resume their normal activities immediately. Patients may be required to stay overnight, but are released the next day. Postoperative follow-up visits will allow the balloon to settle into the stomach, and patients will have to take a multivitamin and calcium supplements.

The gastric balloon will stay in the stomach for up to six months and will need to be removed periodically. During this time, the patient will experience changes in hormones and feel full sooner than they did before the procedure.

Compared to the other gastric balloons, Orbera has the highest success rate. Studies show that people who have successfully used the Orbera balloon lost three times more weight than they would have lost by diet and exercise alone. Obalon and ReShape balloons, on the other hand, lose weight twice as fast. For adults with BMIs between 30 and 40, Orbera and ReShape are effective ways to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle.

Although there are a few risks associated with intragastric balloons, these balloons are an excellent alternative to bariatric surgery. They are minimally invasive and temporary, but they can offer a longer weight loss process than lifestyle modifications alone. In addition, they can be used to bridge the gap between diet and surgery.

Despite the success rate of the procedure, side effects of this procedure are quite common. In some patients, the balloon will deflate unexpectedly, causing blockages in the digestive tract. In other cases, it may overinflate, resulting in ulcers, acute pancreatitis, or a hole in the stomach wall that requires surgery to repair.

The prices of gastric balloons vary. Some clinics are cheaper than others. Before making a decision, you should compare prices online. Generally, prices on the platform are comparable to what the clinics charge. Some may even be lower than the prices in the clinic. It’s important to find out how much a gastric balloon will cost you before you make your decision.

Studies have shown that gastric balloons can be effective for weight loss. The Elipse gastric balloon study, for example, was one of the largest and most comprehensive studies of the procedure. The study was conducted in 19 countries across Europe and the Middle East. The study’s participants had varying BMIs and different weight loss levels. In addition to weight loss, the study showed that the patients’ BMI dropped 4.9 points after the procedure.

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