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Lap Band Revision is a relatively inexpensive weight loss surgery. It can save you thousands of dollars. The procedure is performed laparoscopically. The doctor will remove the lap band and convert it to a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass. This procedure reduces the size of the stomach and decreases hunger. The patient will eat fewer calories because their stomach is smaller and their hormone levels have changed. The surgery costs around $5600.

Before undergoing this procedure, patients should have blood tests and X-rays done. The doctor will also check the patient’s overall health. Patients should avoid eating anything at least two hours before the procedure because food can choking during the anesthesia.

They should also avoid smoking, which may delay the healing process. Patients will also be given dietary instructions and education after the procedure. Patients are also required to follow up with a surgeon on a regular basis to ensure the procedure was successful and to monitor their recovery.

Although the procedure can be very effective in losing weight, there are some potential risks. Some patients will require revision surgery if the results are less than ideal. In some cases, the band may not stay in place for long enough. It is also possible that a patient will develop problems with the band or gastric sleeve. The patient will also need to follow up with the doctor for a year or more after the surgery. Patients should also expect to change their eating habits for life.

Lap Band Revision reviews can provide valuable insights into the procedure and the surgeon. Revision surgeries are costly, but this is not a problem if you have insurance. A patient can also add the procedure to his or her health insurance policy. However, there is no guarantee that it will cover the cost of the procedure.

The procedure is relatively simple and involves a small incision in the abdomen. The surgeon will then use a laparoscope to view the band inside the stomach. The surgeon will then cut away the scar tissue covering the band, remove the tubing, and remove the band. In addition, the doctor will remove the old sutures to restore the normal anatomy of the stomach, making revision surgery easier.

Some people may have problems losing weight after Lap Band Revision surgery. This could be a problem with the band. If this is the case, patients may opt for another treatment. If not, they can always try other weight loss methods, such as gastric sleeve or gastric bypass.

The procedure is no longer considered a safe or effective weight loss method. Even though thousands of people have had the surgery, few have managed to maintain the weight loss in the long term. The company that created the lap-band recommends its removal after 10 years. However, this may be a difficult procedure, requiring the use of a thoracic surgeon and an open chest procedure.

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