Dr Hasan Erdem

Body Contouring Following Weight Loss

When we lose too much weight in our body, sagging and cracking may occur in some places. While the treatment of these can sometimes be treated with drugs such as cream and ointment, sometimes these drugs may not improve the situation. When it does not improve, operations are applied. Operations, of course, are not one. In this article, we will explain the process to you. First of all, you will read about weight loss, body shaping and their operations.

Significant weight gain can have an impact on your skin. The skin gradually extends to cater the buildup of fat tissue over time. But unless you lose a great deal of weight, the excess skin may not return to its original position. Dark circles or excess skin bends on your lower belly, thighs, arms, chin, and breasts can result from weight loss.

Liposuction, also called body sculptors, is a surgery procedure that removes excess skin after losing weight and improves the form and tone of the body’s tissues.

Significant weight loss achieved through healthy eating and exercise or weight loss surgery can enhance the way you live, leading to an increased active life and a healthier you. However, sagging, excess skin is common after a significant weight loss. Excess skin can be bothersome and make you feel insecure.

Skin contouring surgical procedure for loose skin removal is often the last step in many people’s weight loss journey.

Body contouring procedures, such as a tummy tuck, breast lift, or lower extremity lift, may help improve the shape and tone of your body. Liposuction also can assist skin hygienic practices by reducing the occurrence of skin disease and infection in some patients who have excess skin folds.

Following significant weight loss as a result of surgical procedures and/or lifestyle changes, this same skin and tissues frequently lose adaptation capacity for the shrinking body size.

Surgery liposuction effectively removes sagging fat and skin while working to improve the form of the network protocol skin after significant weight loss. The end result is a more proportionate appearance with softer contours.

Before Deciding on Body Contouring Surgery

Before deciding on body contouring surgery, keep the following points in mind:

  • Contouring procedure is not suitable for removing excess fat on its own. If your skin has low stiffness (stretchiness) and can follow their new body contours, tummy tuck can eliminate extra fat deposits. A mixture of breast implants as well as contouring techniques may well be recommended in cases in which skin elasticity is poor.
  • Your weight loss should be maintained. Weight loss following surgery will result in loose skin pockets. Weight gain will put strain on your tightened skin, resulting in loose skin and widened scars.
  • If you have had surgery to lose weight, your medical professional will collaborate with your physician to figure out when you are ready to begin liposuction.

Many incisions (cuts) will be made. You have to be prepared for significant scarring.

Body Contouring Treatments May Include:

  • Arm lift: correct upper arm sagging.
  1. Correct drooping flattened breasts with a breast lift.
  2. Correct drooping of the mid-face, jowls, and neck with a facelift.
  3. Correct sagging in the belly, thighs, and inside and outside thighs with lower body lifts.
  4. Correct starting to sag of the right thigh with a medial thigh lift.
  • Tummy tuck: remove the cloth of excess skin that hangs over the abdomen.

How is Body Contouring Procedure Carried Out?

The purpose of skin procedures is to eliminate excess sagging skin and shape the underlying supportive tissue. Body contouring usually necessitates large incisions to allow the doctor to remove the fat. Sophisticated cosmetic procedures are employed to place the scar in an inconspicuous location and minimise its visibility.

Body contouring procedures are usually performed under general anaesthesia. You will awaken from surgical procedure with a momentary pipe under your body to deplete any fluids that frequently accumulate beneath the wound. The outcomes of the surgery seem to be immediately visible, though you may need to queue for fluid buildup and bruising to go away in some cases.

The Advantages of Body Contouring Following Massive Weight Loss

This can help you shed an important amount of mass if needed for health reasons, in conjunction with diet and exercise. However, losing weight can result in saggy skin or skin which has managed to lose its elastic properties. This may have a significant effect on your day to day life.

Moisture can collect under the folds of loose skin, causing discomfort and reddening, particularly during the summertime. When such kinds of clothing are worn, it can also cause the skin to tear due to tension or pinching. This may result in bleeding and discomfort.

While diet and exercise alone cannot eliminate extra skin, body contouring surgery, a form of fat removal surgery, can.