Average Cost Of Gastric Balloon Surgery

Obesity is a serious health problem, causing serious diseases in almost all systems of the human body (mainly the cardiovascular system and the endocrine system). Losing weight through diet, exercise and medication may not always achieve the desired results. The most important reasons for not being able to eat continuously are hunger and dissatisfaction. For this reason, a gastric balloon, which is one of the methods that is placed in the stomach and provides a solution to excessive obesity, has been produced. 

Endoscopic intragastric balloon or transient gastric balloon is an effective and non-surgical treatment method for obesity used worldwide. The idea of controlling obesity by giving a feeling of satiety with the help of a balloon that takes up space in the stomach was first developed in 1982. The gastric balloon was developed to bridge the gap between more complex bariatric surgery methods through diet and exercise. In recent years, it has been widely used in overweight and obese people who are not outside the scope of surgery. 

What are the types of Gastric Balloon ?

The gastric balloon can be classified in several aspects. 

According to whether it is liquid or airy;

In the liquid balloon, after the balloon is lowered into the stomach, colored fluid is given into the balloon through an external catheter. This colored liquid is saline colored with methylene blue. Liquid balloons usually have a volume of 400-500 milliliters. The methylene blue in the liquid balloon causes the color of the urine to turn blue-green if the balloon leaks, so the patient can see if the balloon is leaking by looking at the color of the urine. It settles in the lower part of the stomach called the antrum. Owing to the heavier space in the stomach, the feeling of vomiting and nausea occurs temporarily after the gastric balloon operation. However, the position of the person may change depending on standing or lying down. The balloon is displayed with ultrasonography during the control. 

Airy balloon; they are balloons in which air is injected into the balloon through an external catheter. They have a higher volume than liquid balloons, but do not create weight. That’s why they settle in the fundus part of the stomach. They can be between 500 and 750 milliliters in volume. It is not possible for the patient to understand that there is an air leak. The final situation is determined by taking the image of the balloon with the direct abdominal radiography taken when the control goes.

According to whether the volume is adjustable or not;

Non-Adjusting Balloons (Fixed volume): In these balloons, liquid or air is given into the balloon and no other intervention is made until it is removed. They usually stay in the stomach for 6 months. Longer periods of time can cause ulcer-style sores in the stomach. These balloons are relatively easy to apply. 15-20 minutes, it can be applied inside. Although it is recommended to be applied under anesthesia, they can also be applied awake.

  1.  Inflatable Balloons: It is a double-layer polymer bubble covered with silicone on the outside. It is inflated with air up to approximately 650 – 700 cc volume. The weight of the balloon after inflation is about 30 grams. The most important advantage of this lightness is that the feeling of nausea and retching is less than the models inflated with liquid. After a maximum of 6 months, it is taken from the stomach by deflating again with the help of endoscopic monitoring. 
  2. Balloons Inflated With Liquid: It is the most widely used gastric balloon type in the world. Made of soft, transparent silicone material. At the end of the insertion tube, wrapped, it is advanced into the stomach under endoscopic control and inflated with saline solution. Blue dye is added to the saline solution. The purpose of this is to create an early warning about the leak by staining the feces and urine blue as a result of possible leaks, even if very low. The gastric balloon is applied orally under endoscopic observation. 

Adjustable Balloons: These balloons are also liquid balloons. 400-500 milliliters of liquid is applied into the balloon. They are balloons that are located at the end of the balloon according to the weight loss. Due to their elasticity, they can be removed and added liquid or discharged.

Spatz (inflated with liquid): It is made of silicone material. The difference of this gastric balloon from other gastric balloons is that a part that acts as an anchor at the end remains in the stomach due to the balloon. This piece acts as an anchor that prevents the gastric balloon from escaping from the stomach to the small intestine early as a result of the collapses that may occur later. This anchor piece also allows the volume to be reduced and increased by endoscopic method without the need to remove the balloon from the stomach. The most important feature is that it can be left in the stomach for a full 12 months. With its adjustable feature, it is possible to take measures against gastric adaptation by increasing its volume during this period. At the end of the 12-month period, the balloon can be deflated before it is removed, allowing the stomach to recover. It can be inflated again after the required time. 

How much is a gastric balloon?

This practice, which allows individuals to lose weight in a short time, also reduces the volume of the stomach. The silicone balloon, which is endoscopically placed in the stomach and has the ability to swell, stays in the stomach for an average of up to 12 months. At the end of this process, after a stomach balloon removed from the stomach, patients begin to lose weight by getting a feeling of satiety. Of course, in order for the application to be applied, the patient must meet the criteria of age and general health status. Gastric balloon prices are variable. You should consult your doctor for clear information.

Where is cheapest place to get gastric balloon?

Although gastric balloon surgery may seem like a simple operation, it is actually a serious obesity procedure. Gastric Balloon prices can be different in each country. Of course, there are many factors in this. The experience of the surgeon, the equipment of the hospital or clinic, and the quality of the material used during the procedure affect the price. Turkey is a leading country in obesity surgery. Its success in these surgeries is a worldwide known fact. Anyhow, this is also one of Turkey’s reason to prefer it. When choosing the cheapest place to get gastric balloon, consider many criteria. It is possible to say that Turkey is the cheapest country. It is difficult to find a country like Turkey that performs both cheap and successful obesity surgeries. In addition, the possibility of a great holiday in Turkey before and after surgery is also an advantage for you. All hospitals and clinics performing this surgery in Turkey are licensed and authorized medical institutions. In short, Turkey is the cheapest and most advantageous country for gastric balloon procedure.

Why is rational to get gastric balloon abroad?

Health services develop differently all over the world. While some countries use different surgical techniques and equipment in the treatment of obesity, some countries apply slightly more traditional treatments in this sense. Patients prefer to get gastric balloon abroad due to various advantages. If the country where you live does not have a competent hospital or clinic for obesity surgery, of course it would be better for you to have this surgery abroad. Or if the price of this procedure is very expensive in your country, different countries will be more advantageous for you. Since the Gastric Balloon procedure is a simple procedure, you can also be during any foreign trip. For example, if you want to visit Turkey for a holiday, you can also have this procedure during the holiday. You must take obesity surgeries seriously.

They are surgeries that should not be neglected. Of course, it is better to choose cheaper countries, but you should also research the experience of these countries on this issue. It makes sense to make a travel plan for the Gastric balloon procedure. If you have a budget for this, this is your choice. For this, you must plan at least 1 month in advance. Details such as airline tickets, hotel accommodation and guidance are organized by many clinics in Turkey. So you don’t have to worry about that. All you have to do is plan for this trip and decide for surgery. There are many reasons to choose Turkey. Factors such as well-equipped and experienced doctors, full-capacity hospitals and clinics, and of course economic treatment fees give you an advantage. Before traveling, it is useful to talk to your doctor on the internet and get information.

How Much Does a Gastric Balloon  Cost ?

The average cost for a Gastric Ballon procedure worldwide is $5,430, the minimum cost is $2,100, And the maximum cost is $16,500. Your exact total cost will be determined when you have a consultation with an experienced provider.  

And if you are considering an overseas Gastric Ballon surgery, then keep in mind there are few factors that may impact your procedure cost, such as, operating rooms, hospital location, anesthesia, the surgeon fee, and post-surgical fees

Average Prices in the United States of America 

Gastric balloons are currently not covered by insurance in the United States.

  • The cost ranges between $6,000 and $9,000.

Average Prices in Turkey 

The average price of gastric balloon in Turkey is $2750, the minimum price is $1500, and the maximum price is $3600. (According to 2019 data)


Average Costs of Gastric Balloon in the France

If you are going to France for the gastric balloon procedure, we would like to say that the prices are a bit expensive. Average Costs of Gastric Balloon in the France is around 6000 €. Do not forget to include your hospital accommodation and transportation expenses.


Average Costs of Gastric Balloon in the UK

Gastric balloon, which is one of the most practical solutions in the fight against obesity, is applied differently in each country. Average Costs of Gastric Balloon in the UK is around £ 5,000. In some cities, this price may be more expensive.


Average Costs of Gastric Balloon in the Canada

Average Costs of Gastric Balloon in the Canada starts at $ 9,000. Canada can be very expensive for this type of obesity surgery. Unless it is very compulsory, you can choose more suitable countries. But let’s inform that the health services are very good.


Average Costs of Gastric Balloon in the Mexico

Average Costs of Gastric Balloon in the Mexico is around $ 7000 and is one of the most affordable in the world. However, it is useful to get general information about the quality of the procedure and how the procedure is performed directly from the clinic.

Average Costs of Gastric Balloon in the Germany

Average Costs of Gastric Balloon in the Germany is around $ 4000. While it’s one of the most expensive among European countries, it’s still worth it. Because you can really get very high quality services in this country.


Average Costs of Gastric Balloon in the Ireland

Average Costs of Gastric Balloon in the Ireland starts from 6000 €. To find the most suitable clinic, you must find a doctor experienced in this field. Price should always be of secondary importance in obesity surgeries.


Price Comparison List

Gastric Balloon surgery prices in the EUROPE (Currency = USD)
Bosnia and Herzegovina6.000
Czech Republic5.500
United Kingdom7.000
San Marino8.000

Does health insurance cover Gastric Balloon surgery? 

Many insurance companies now cover weight loss surgery procedures, including gastric balloon surgery, but you should first review your policy details and check with your insurance company, as many patients’ main obstacles always revolve around their policy.

If you are covered, then it’s time to find a surgeon. Before embarking on your new, it is also advisable to take your time and conduct thorough research.

And if you don’t have insurance. or not covered,  You still have options. As many others overseas offer budget-friendly gastric surgeries, and if your BMI is lower than 30 you can have an Ellipse Balloon alternative.

Which country is the cheapest for Gastric balloons?

Turkey is one of many countries that can be considered a world medical tourism destination for weight loss surgery, medical treatments, or cosmetic procedures; however, countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom are way off the chart because the surgery cost is incomparable; while other countries in Europe or Asia may offer a lower cost for gastric balloon surgery, Turkey remains the cheapest.

Which country is the best for gastric balloons? 

Turkey is one of the best choices for gastric balloon surgery overseas, whether you are traveling from Europe or Asia. Turkey is not only an ideal location-wise, but it is also one of the few countries outside of Europe that can provide you with high-quality healthcare from expert surgeons while also saving you money on travel expenses.


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