Sun sea and sand have been the keywords of tourism in Turkey for many years. These words still continue to mesmerize the world; however, Turkey has had a new magical keyword for the last couple of years: Health. Medical tourism has been the leading industry on the rise for the last decade.

Turkey has become a hub in medical tourism on account of its high-tech health facilities and experienced medical workforce. The country has been preferred by international patients, especially in the bariatric field because of its high-quality service with affordable prices when compared to Europe and the Americas. With recent investments, Turkey has come to develop the necessary facilities in private and university-owned hospitals to accommodate the demands of international patients.

The Advantages of Turkey in Bariatric Surgeries

Turkey hosts millions of travelers each year because of its central geopolitical location and various other advantages in the medical tourism sector.


  • Aims to provide high-quality services with affordable prices.
  • Has various active professionals specialized in their respective fields.
  • Is the home of many high-tech facilities with international accreditations and universal acclaim.
  • Has been the pioneer in using high-quality equipment with state-of-the-art treatment methods.
  • Endorses personalized care by always putting the patient first.
  • Solves the ‘waiting period’ experienced primarily in Europe and the USA by prioritizing patient needs in the medical field.
  • Is well equipped to accommodate highly-specialized procedures; primarily in the field of bariatric surgeries, including revisional and bypass operations.
  • Is geographically located within 3 hours of flight to around a billion international patients in its surroundings.
  • Is an attractive destination in terms of culture and history along with health.
  • Is able to fulfill the needs of medical tourism with its young population and tendency to comply with the universal requirements with a medical staff that’s experienced in dealing with different cultures and languages.